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Insanely cheap! Couldn`t have been more faster thanks guys!
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Very nice upset how the spelling and grammar are bad but i can get used to it and it would be nice if the people giving the items would understand how to add someone as a friend but other than that very good service
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First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)

NBA 2K17 Release Date Is Finally Here: The Pros And Cons

Date:2016-09-20 16:10:52

NBA 2K17 is finally released to honor another fan-favorite and retired player: Kobe Bryant or the "Black Mamba." Relive Bryant's glory days because NBA 2K17 included Bryant's younger years. Not only that, the Dream Team is back. Even the Team USA for the Rio Olympics is also included.
Before releasing NBA 2K17, the developers created the thing called "Prelude." It is a mini-campaign to entice the gamers. Prelude is about how you start as a basketball player during college.
NBA 2K17 is better than NBA 2K16, that's for sure. Talking about the graphics, the players looked realistic than the previous edition. The face scan is better compared to NBA 2K16. Talking about realistic, scanning faces and playing like you are inside the game. In addition to that, the NBA players from the game look like the real life.
The big deal about NBA 2K17 and any other NBA games are the players' ratings. The highest is Lebron James with 96 percent. Second is Stephen Curry with 94 percent. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook are tied in the third spot with 93 percent.
Following the trend of NBA in real life, NBA 2K17 MT coins updated its roster with the trade that had happened. Examples include Durant who transferred to the Warriors and D. Rose who transferred to the Knicks. The user can transfer the other player into another but it's the same with NBA 2K16. The expansion allows the player to create his own team.
The downside of NBA 2K17 is starting your career in college years. It occupies time in choosing the degrees, playing in college basketball league. "My career" option may be a weak side for such a strong game.
Another negative is the waiting game of being drafted. Playing in s my career mode will be nerve-wracking. Players will be mortified if all their hard work will be thrown away.