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Insanely cheap! Couldn`t have been more faster thanks guys!
by JacobLP(2017-04-15)
Ordered twice and fast smooth service. 2 thumbs up from me. Will order again soon.
by Ryan Heart(2017-03-19)
Very nice upset how the spelling and grammar are bad but i can get used to it and it would be nice if the people giving the items would understand how to add someone as a friend but other than that very good service
by Hungry Pretzel(2017-03-05)
by Lorenzo(2017-03-01)
First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)

NBA 2K17 is nothing but net gain for basketball fans

Date:2016-09-29 22:31:22

The game of basketball that thrives in today’s NBA is free-flowing and creative, with limitless possibility. It’s a fast-paced game, often driven by the pick-and-roll, freeing the game’s most talented off-the-dribble presences to break down their defenders.
And it’s a game that’s never been as well-replicated as it is in NBA 2K17. The latest basketball video game from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts delivers a brand of hoops you never thought possible from a console, delivering the free-flowing NBA straight to your console.
This is a game that pushes the bounds of video game basketball just as it pushes the bounds of a what a sports video game should offer. Just a month ago, EA Sports’ new Madden NFL game delivered franchise-level depth as it never had done before, seemed like it might give the NBA 2K franchise a run as this year’s best sports game.
But now NBA 2K17 arrives with more wizardry than ever, with a finely tuned on-court game that feels stunningly realistic, and a wealth of off-court tools that are even more addictive. This is as complete as video game basketball gets.
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And it starts on the hardwood. NBA 2K17 has long delivered good basketball, but this year, it elevates things to more realistic levels. No longer will you find yourself stuck in dribble animations; it’s easier than ever to chain together dribble moves, allowing savvy players more chances to dismantle defenders in realistic fashion.
The game is not easy by any means, as it’s been tuned to promote control over turbo-spamming. You’ll need to learn the dribble moves to be successful, and learn the subtleties of shooting with each player. Nothing comes easy in NBA 2K17, but it all feels tremendously satisfying. Shooting prowess is now rewarded, too; register green on the release, and the shot always goes in, instead of the frustration of last year, when even the most perfect releases could still “miss,” to no fault of the user.
The on-court game feels stronger and less patterned, far more realistic than it ever has. NBA 2K17 coins has cleaned up its animations and allows for more variety, so you’ll see more of the exciting, unique moments that make the real NBA so dramatic and entertaining. That means tipping rebounds to open shooters for three-pointers, or blocking a shot off the backboard and watching a teammate chase down the carom and turn it into a fast break opportunity.
Video game basketball has never had this much rhythm, although this makes the less “realistic,” more synthetic moments stand out. Players frequently don’t fill the right lanes on the fast break, and logical passes to cutters are often too easily intercepted by computer defenders who live in the passing lanes.
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These little inconsistencies can create occasionally frustrating basketball dissonance, although the worst of NBA 2K17 actually lies in the strange on-the-fly menus available in the on-court game.
In years past, it was simple to make substitutions and tweak offensive and defensive approaches here, but never have the menus been more confusing. Instead of simple text, everything is now rearranged into a series of shapes: There’s a pentagon for substitutions and a triangle for different defensive sets and rebounding directives.