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Insanely cheap! Couldn`t have been more faster thanks guys!
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Ordered twice and fast smooth service. 2 thumbs up from me. Will order again soon.
by Ryan Heart(2017-03-19)
Very nice upset how the spelling and grammar are bad but i can get used to it and it would be nice if the people giving the items would understand how to add someone as a friend but other than that very good service
by Hungry Pretzel(2017-03-05)
by Lorenzo(2017-03-01)
First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)

NBA 2K17 Resolving The MyCareer Dilemma

Date:2016-10-10 16:49:40

In NBA 2K16, 2K sports enlisted the expertise and cinematic experience of acclaimed film director Spike Lee for the direction of the MyCareer storyline.
The Livin’ Da Dream concept was Lee’s vision and as a standalone story, it was fairly compelling.
However, it was not well received in the gaming community. Many–myself included–felt it was too heavy handed. It took the controller out of the gamer’s hands and that was hard to accept in a mode that has always been about making your own decisions and carving a path.
This year’s version of MyCareer gets back to the original concept and it’s as much of a role-playing game as it has ever been. Still, there are some fans who criticized the lack of cut scenes, and others don’t like how connected your MyPlayer is to 2K’s esports focus.
Obviously, it’s impossible to please everyone in anything, but I believe there’s a practical way for 2K to handle this dilemma.
The limitations 2K has implemented to prevent the creation of unstoppable MyPlayers has improved the legitimacy of their esports initiatives. That’s a booming business and no one can blame 2K for wanting to take part in such a dynamic industry.
The height, weight and skill attribute caps should most definitely remain in modes like Pro-Am and MyPark. That said, there should also be a way to have an alternate version of your character for use in non-esports modes.
For example, say I want to create a player and turn him into an absolute freak of nature specifically for my MyCareer, I should be able to do that without attribute restrictions.
Perhaps your skills still max out at the same spots for your specific archetype when you’re playing MyPark or Pro-Am, but in MyCareer, the chains are off and you’re free to have a 7’2″ point guard with John Wall’s speed.
That’s an extreme example and there are other more practical play styles that are restricted because of the attribute caps.
This might make hardcore sim guys cringe, but everyone should be able to play the game the way they want–within reason.